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1955 “Bobby Fischer Chess” Articles

October 1955

  1. (Bobby Fischer 1955 Blog) () (Image) New York Times, New York, NY, Monday, October 03, 1955 - Page 27, “Gets Park Chess Prize”
  2. (Bobby Fischer 1955 Blog) () (Image) Gettys Images - New York Daily News, Wednesday, October 05, 1955, “Young Bobby Fischer”
  3. (Bobby Fischer 1955 Blog)()() (Image)(Image) Daily News New York, New York Sunday, October 09, 1955 - Page 440, “At Chess, He's on Ball: Brooklyn Lad Rates High in Chess World”

December 1955

  1. (Bobby Fischer 1955 Blog) () (Image) New York Times, New York, NY, Sunday, December 11, 1955 - Page 284, “Chess 'War' On 12 Fronts”

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Bobby always had mixed feelings about the way Native Americans were unjustly stripped of their land and culture. So charity work in favor of native Americans is something Bobby would probably support.
— Angel Eduardo Lopez

Partnership With Native Americans

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Partnership With Native Americans

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
“Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess”

by Bobby Fischer
Chess Fundamentals by Jose Raul Capablanca
“Chess Fundamentals”

by Jose Raul Capablanca
My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer
“My 60 Memorable Games”

by Bobby Fischer
Morphy's Games of Chess by Philip Sergeant
“Morphy's Games of Chess”

by Philip Sergeant

Hi there, Just wanna say I'm a chess player and I look up to Bobby Fischer above any other chess player. He was the best and I've even memorised some of his famous games, including the 1972 World Championship match when he defeated Boris Spassky… Fischer also supported Palestine and always spoke out against injustice. He was a good man and I do miss him…”
—“Mo” and “Rico”

Medical Aid Palestine

Medical Aid Palestine, @MedicalAidPal or, @MAPCampaigns